Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I am missing POTD!

Do you know what?  I am missing doing a photo a day!!  I have used my camera a bit just these past few days, and here’s one I took today at Bosham (more on my other blog as it was one of my 52 walks which I am documenting on Linda’s Life)

walk no 17 004

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Spring in my garden

My garden is looking so colourful today!  Here’s some pictures I took in the midday sunshine :)

Looking down the garden to the back corner with the old play house.  The corner is full of forget me nots!

garden 064

Loads of pulmonaria have self seeded themselves

garden 065

This is a pieris in front of an elder – what a fabulous contrast!

garden 069

My crab apple tree – full of promise of lovely blossom!

garden 075

These bright red tulips are in a pot on the patio

garden 083

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Everyday things

I love to capture the everyday things in my life on camera!  Stacy Julian challenged us to take 3 pictures right now as we read the latest prompt in her LOM class.  So here they are:

everyday things 040

Computer and coffee!  That’s the LOM class up there on my computer and that’s my morning coffee after walking Merlin.  That is one of my new Cath Kidston mugs!  I love them! My favourite coffee at the moment (and has been for a long time) is Kwonggi Mountain from Waitrose.  I like my milk hot, so usually heat in the microwave, but if Maurice is at home we tend to have frothy milk!


everyday things 041

Scruffy jeans (for walking the dog in) and slippers!  I like my slippers to slip on – I hate having to tie laces and do up buckles with shoes generally.  Jeans, socks and slippers all from M&S!


everyday things 042

Here’s a picture I haven’t taken before!  It’s my ‘messy’ corner of my bedroom.  It is a low chair onto which I drape clothes that I have worn and might wear again, so I don’t want to hang them up!  Actually, they usually get sat on a few times, so I bung them in the washing basket!!!  Bit embarrassing really….

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Shimelle’s crop

Shimelle has held a fabulous online scrapbook party this weekend.  I have only done 1 LO:

craft 220

I want to do a album about all the houses we have lived in, and I do have a little basket full of photos.  These photos taken in 1986 were on the top!!  I don’t like pampas grass, so I journalled about why I don’t like it and how appalled I was when we moved to find a large specimen in the front garden of this house too!  It was fashionable in the 1970s, especially to cut the fronds and have them indoors!  Anyway, this LO was made with bits left on my table so it will go into that challenge.

Empty skies

No jet trails today!

garden 058

The Eyjafjallajoekull volcano in Iceland is still puffing out ash over Uk skies, and Maurice's brother is stuck in Australia with no planes!!! His son Mark got married last weekend, (son and new wife managed to get home but only just - they landed at Frankfurt and got a coach back to the UK!) and he was due to fly home this weekend along with his other son, Simon. They have been told that there will be no flights until Monday week!!! Oh how I would hate that, all I want to do at the end of a holiday is come home! They are hoping to get an earlier flight as Simon is supposed to start anew job in Spain next week!! All Mark's friends are scattered around the world as they had to land and wait for UK airspace to open again!!

Friday, 16 April 2010

2 news items have grabbed my attention!

Over the past couple of days 2 news items have really grabbed my attention:

A volcano in iceland has erupted sending out a huge plume of volcanic ash that has blown south westwards to sit right over the UK!  It means that no airplanes have flown in UK air space for nearly 2 days now!  It’s going to cause havoc for several days even if flights do resume pretty quickly.


(Picture from


The other piece of news is that here in the UK we had our first live tv debate by the leaders of our 3 main political parties


From l-r, David Cameron (Conservative), Gordon Brown (Labour) and Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats).  I watched the debate and I was quite impressed!  They all behaved very well, and answered the questions properly instead of just slating each others policies.  I thought that Nick Clegg did best, closely followed by David Cameron then Gordon Brown, which coincidentally is what the polls have said!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

daffodils and sunsets

I walked the dog down the beach last night and the light and low tide were absolutely gorgeous!  Of course, I didn’t have my camera.  So tonight I did take my camera, but of course the light wasn’t quite so good, there was a weeny breeze on the water and Merlin kept running up the beach!!  Not ideal!  But I did take a few pics:


Daffodils in Marine Gardens looked especially yellow with the low sun on them:

walk no 15 003

The pier in the bacground shows up because it has the setting sun shining on it:

walk no 15 011

An attempt at the sunset!

walk no 15 013

I love the way the sun reflected from these windows and then reflected on the wet sand!

walk no 15 014

In fact I am going to call these photos walk no 15!

Friday, 9 April 2010

Maya Road dress form book

Oh how I love this book!  I made 2 to give my friends for their birthdays, and gave them today while having lunch with them.  They seemed to like them.  I love them!!!

craft 198

Inside I stamped sewing motifs, and glued on ribbon, tape and flowers.

craft 199

Some pages have buttons and lace, but some of the papers were just too gorgeous so I left them plain.

craft 200

And there’s some painting:

craft 201

And some stickers:

craft 202

Shh, don’t tell my friends but I didn’t use all the pages, so still have some left, and I have another book on order for myself!  All the gorgeous paper is from Cocoa Daisy kit.

Trip to Brighton

We like to take the kids out for a meal whenever we are all together.  This time we decided to go to Donatello’s in Brighton for a bit of spaghetti!  Nicholas and I went early and went on the pier (see my other blog for pics)

brighton 032

DH works at American Express in Brighton.  They have just begun the demolition of the old sports and social club in preparation for the new building!  You can see the present building from the pier, it’s the one in the middle of the picture sticking up behind the seafront buildings, with the blue and white stripes.  It is quite an iconic building in Brighton, built in the 1970s.  It is good for Brighton though that Amex have decided to build anew building here – it shows their commitment to the town, and therefore jobs for the future!

brighton 023

Finally, here we are outside Donatello’s – Nicholas of course is pulling a face!

brighton 047

Monday, 5 April 2010

Happy Easter!

My friend Sarah bought me this gorgeous Cath Kidston jug for my birthday.  It looks so Springlike filled with these colourful daffodils and tulips!

garden 056

I have been out in the garden looking for signs of Spring:

garden 040

garden 041

garden 044

At last!  The weather has been warming up slowly, although it’s a brisk cold wind down on the seafront today!