Sunday, 30 May 2010

MILs 89th birthday

I rarelyget a chance to take photos of my MIL.  She is VERY camera-shy!  So this morning when we visited her for her birthday I sneakily took photos of her while she was looking at some photos that Maurice’s brother John had bought of Mark and Angela’s wedding in Australia:

Mum P's birthday 002

Mum P's birthday 009

Mum P's birthday 012

And here’s her cards, you can tell which one is from us!  (Tim Holz stamps that my lovely friend Burnice bought me for my birthday!)

Mum P's birthday 007


Remember my goals for the year?  Well, the time has come to review them and I decided to include one about the garden.  I do enjoy going out there really, I just need to prioritise it!  So this last week I have been out there for 30 mins each day (usually it turns into at least 1 hour!)


Yesterday it was raining so I tidied out my greenhouse:
craft 232

Monday, 24 May 2010

Mark and Angela

Maurice’s nephew Mark (on the right) got married last month to Angela in Australia.  We couldn’t make the wedding itself, but invited them down for a nice meal at our favourite posh restaurant.  That’s John, Maurice’s brother on the left.


Mark and Angela make such a great couple – congratulations!  Here’s to a long and happy marriage!

mark and angela 002

mark and angela 003

Friday, 21 May 2010

This dog….

might look all innocent here – but he is TURBO- charged at the moment!  It must be the Spring!!  But he just runs away all the time, and he runs and runs and runs.  Today I wanted to walk a bit further than I normally do, but when I wanted to turn round, he just followed another dog and it’s owner running along the beach!  He completely disappeared out of sight, then suddenly he appears as a little black dot in the distance running back to me.  However, he still gets distracted by smells along the way!

dog 010

dog 011

Thursday, 20 May 2010

My 1970s layout

craft 229

Here’s the finished page!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Document 2010

OMG!  2 posts in 1 day!!!


Here’s my April pages  - inspired by Document 2010 over on  The idea is to do 2 12 x 12  layouts, and 2 pages on 6 x 4 divided page protectors.  These divided page protectors can hold memorabelia too!  Proper scrapbooking :)  (Sorry the photos aren’t better, I will have to experiment about where to photograph the pages so that I don’t get reflections from the page protectors.)

garden 122 garden 119 garden 120 garden 121

Walk round my garden

I am so pleased with the way the garden looks right now!  Here’s a taster!

garden 097

I have just posted ‘a walk round my garden’ on my other blog so do go and have a look!

Friday, 14 May 2010

My 1970s

I am working on my ‘Everyone has a Story’ album, and thought i would do double page spreads for each decade.  Then I wondered how I should do the journaling…  Maurice and I had such fun remembering all these things!  Here’s my 1970s:






Family Car = Mini


Puch maxi

Suzuki TS100

Hinda CB 125


A little bit hippy

Motorbike gear





Metal Box



Pop music


Sewing, making own clothes




Busticle Lane

Stoney Lane



Led Zeppelin

Deep Purple

David Bowie

T Rex

Social life


Drinks at the pub


Sarah, Jo, Sue

Stewart, Sue, Gary, Mark etc

Amex crowd


Caravans in Lake District, Cornwall

Camping in Wales, IOW

Radio station

Radio 1

Food, drink

Chinese, chicken in the basket


Pork chops, sausages

Golden City

Significant events

Left school

Got married

Thursday, 13 May 2010

And some more….

I got distracted yesterday so didn’t finish my post.  Here’s a few more:

TheCzech republic is famous for it’s strong beer:

Prague 111

This is King Wenceslas who overlooks Wenceslas square

Prague 120

And is where the Prague Spring uprising against the Communists happened in 1968 – here’s the memorial

Prague 126

Talking of memorials, this one really moved us:

Prague 172

Prague 174

Finally a couple of pictures from the top of the tower with the Astronomical clock, which overlooks the Old Town Square – really beautiful!

Prague 146

Prague 147

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

More Prague pictures

First, the Charles Bridge.  I just love the statues on the bridge!  Do you know that they are replicas of the original 15th and 16th century statues, which are now in museums around Prague?

Prague 018


Prague 019

A local jazz band playing on the bridge.

Prague 025

Inside St Vitus Cathedral – such fabulous stained glass windows

Prague 070

Prague 071

Prague 081

Friday, 7 May 2010


Just a couple of photos from our trip to Prague this week.  Unfortunately my photos were not brilliant, not sure why, perhaps the grey weather?

View towards the castle and St Vitus Cathedral over the Charles Bridge

Prague 012

I love the gothic towers on this cathedral, seen from the top of the tower with the Astronomical clock.

Prague 144

And here’s the Astronomical clock, isn’t it fabulous?

Prague 138

Be back later with more!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Bed time reading

I have just finished reading this book.  It was a really good read, very thought provoking.  It is really about the ‘fall’ of the aristocracy since the 1950s.

craft 227

Maurice on the other hand doesn’t read anything quite so intelligent!  He sits in bed chuckling away to himself and often has to tell me the joke – causing me to read the same bit in my book over and over again!

craft 226