Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Moody Blues

Another date-night!  We went to see the Moody Blues at the Brighton Centre last night.  Bit of a blast from the past!!  I was suprised at how many of the songs I remembered (all the words!!) as I have not listened to the Moody Blues for years!  I must have been about 15 when a boyfriend had all the LPs and I got to know all the songs.  Must admit to having a bit of a crush on Justin Hayward too!

Moody Blues 002

The concert was all seated, good job really as they audience were ALL older than us!!!!  I guess 90% of the audience were in their 60s, a few older and a very few younger.  It’s not suprising really as the Moody Blues music is a bit dated now- not timeless like George Benson.  There was no support act, they just came on about 8pm, and I have to say made a very shaky start.  We thought, oh no!  George Benson has spoilt us for any more concerts (he was sooooo good!).  But as they played a few songs, they got better.  They played for about 1 hour then we had an interval (another necessity for all those oldies tee hee!), then back for another hour or so.  We didn’t know some of their newer stuff, but all the old ones - brill! 

 Moody Blues 034

The absolute highlight was ‘Nights in White Satin’, which they played absolutely brilliantly, such haunting melodies and harmonies.  We did all stand up at the end of that one!  By this time there were a few people standing at the stage!  I decided to go down there for the encore ‘Ride my See-saw’, and managed to get some good photos of Justin Hayward and John Lodge.  I am sure Justin looked at me so I could get a photo!  (He probably wondered what a young girl like me was doing there!!!LOL)


  Moody Blues 039  Moody Blues 041 Moody Blues 042  Moody Blues 045

Graeme Edge, the drummer  (who is 69!) is the only original member left, but John Lodge (65) and Justin  Hayward (63) are long standing members.  These 2 girls played various instruments, the one in the white top played the flute for that ‘haunting’ sound brilliantly!  They had another drummer and a and a another keyboard player too.

Moody Blues 044

Finally, here’s an old version of Nights In White satin for you.  I feel privileged that I have seen such a classic song played live!


Burnice said...

Glad you had a great time - he doesn't look much Ron now eh!!!!
Burnice x

Chicken Licken said...

Wow looks like a really cool night! Can't say I would know any of their songs....I'm FAR too young!!!!!!

Helen said...

Hey, that takes me back some!!! Tahnks for stopping by my blog too.

scrappysue said...

Oohh, sounds like a great night overall Linda. Thanks for the video link; one of my all time fav songs. And I have to say that lead singer is (was?!) very cute, LOL!

Shari said...

Great photos Linda - love the song "Nights in White Satin" - looks like a great concert.

Mini said...

An old Moody here too! That is my number one favourite song.
Sue x