Friday, 9 April 2010

Trip to Brighton

We like to take the kids out for a meal whenever we are all together.  This time we decided to go to Donatello’s in Brighton for a bit of spaghetti!  Nicholas and I went early and went on the pier (see my other blog for pics)

brighton 032

DH works at American Express in Brighton.  They have just begun the demolition of the old sports and social club in preparation for the new building!  You can see the present building from the pier, it’s the one in the middle of the picture sticking up behind the seafront buildings, with the blue and white stripes.  It is quite an iconic building in Brighton, built in the 1970s.  It is good for Brighton though that Amex have decided to build anew building here – it shows their commitment to the town, and therefore jobs for the future!

brighton 023

Finally, here we are outside Donatello’s – Nicholas of course is pulling a face!

brighton 047

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Burnice said...

Love the seagull pic. The Amex building is also known locally as "the wedding cake" !!!!
Burn x