Sunday, 7 February 2016

My Month in Numbers - January


Its been a very wet month, so here is 1 very muddy puppy!  I tried to bath him on my own, but he jumped out of the bath 3 times!  It took me at least 60 minutes to scrub the bathroom clean afterwards!


We had 7 days where the temperature was below 0 degrees Celsius.  Here’s my garden on one of those days


We had 3 birthdays in the family this month.  Archie turned 1, Tillie was 3, and my Mum was 81!  Here’s a picture with 4 generations.  Tillie and Archie, their Mum Michelle (my niece) her mother Lynda (my SIL) and Lynda’s Mum Brenda.


Here’s Tillie with her Mum and Dad blowing out her 3 candles on her cake.


The oldest and the youngest!  My Mum and Archie.  Isn’t he cute?


And I sat in the hairdressers for 3 hours to have these highlights.  I read 2 magazines from cover to cover.  I wonder how many highlights I have got?