Sunday, 25 April 2010

Everyday things

I love to capture the everyday things in my life on camera!  Stacy Julian challenged us to take 3 pictures right now as we read the latest prompt in her LOM class.  So here they are:

everyday things 040

Computer and coffee!  That’s the LOM class up there on my computer and that’s my morning coffee after walking Merlin.  That is one of my new Cath Kidston mugs!  I love them! My favourite coffee at the moment (and has been for a long time) is Kwonggi Mountain from Waitrose.  I like my milk hot, so usually heat in the microwave, but if Maurice is at home we tend to have frothy milk!


everyday things 041

Scruffy jeans (for walking the dog in) and slippers!  I like my slippers to slip on – I hate having to tie laces and do up buckles with shoes generally.  Jeans, socks and slippers all from M&S!


everyday things 042

Here’s a picture I haven’t taken before!  It’s my ‘messy’ corner of my bedroom.  It is a low chair onto which I drape clothes that I have worn and might wear again, so I don’t want to hang them up!  Actually, they usually get sat on a few times, so I bung them in the washing basket!!!  Bit embarrassing really….


Heather said...

Oh to have a chair - I have a floordrobe!!

Burnice said...

Love that mug, love those slippers and I have four corners like that in my bedroom!!
Burnice x

scrappysue said...

Love your everyday photos Linda, especially the slippers (they look so comfy) and the mug (very me!). I dump clothes everywhere too, so does Holly. Funny the men in the family don't though; isn't that odd?!!