Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Another snow day!

It was quite a surprise to have a good accumulation of snow in mid-March!  Sussex seemed to be worst hit, with road and rail transport in chaos!  Apparently lots of people had to sleep in their cars having being stuck on the A23 and A27!! 

Here’s a couple of photos of my garden yesterday:

snow 001snow 006

Hpw about these two, taken with different white balance.  The one on the left is ‘shade’, and the one on the right is ‘cloudy’.  I can’t decide which one I like best, what do you think?

snow 002snow 003

So what else could I do but stay indoors, sit by the fire, and sew and knit!

craft 012

Look!  Here’s my ‘Little Town’ quilt finished!  I am absolutely delighted, I can’t stop laying it out to look at it!

craft 007craft 010

My friends Burnice and Tash have been helping me to learn to knit!  I could knit a little, so we decided to make a cushion with some knitted blocks.  Here’s my first finished block, and I am half way through my second.  Burnice and Tash have knitted some blocks for me, so it is a collaboration!

craft 011


Helen said...

The weather has been just mad, hasn't it! No wonder you wanted to stay inside and knit and sew. The finished quilt looks fabulous.

Burnice said...

........... and beautiful the quilt is IRL. It's bloomin' gorgeous! A work of art! Well done Linda
Burnice x

onshore said...

I too could not stop laying the quilt out to look at it. It's marvellous!
And how great that you are learning to knit. Your blocks look excellent, I wouldn't have known you are a beginner.

Chicken Licken said...

Ooo Linda it does look fab! And I like the brighter pic best!

Sian said...

Your quilt is absolutely stunning. I love it!

alexa said...

Your quilt is just beautiful ... So much to study and admire! Glad the snow is at least giving you the opportunity for something creative and enjoyable. Looking forward to an update on that pretty white knitting :).

Alison said...

What a fab quilt, Linda...and I too like the brighter pic...hope you're staying warm!
Alison xx

L. Montier said...

Congratulations, Linda! A gorgeous quilt, and I hope you love the feeling of completion. Bravo...

Shari said...

Linda - your quilt is absolutely gorgeous, you have made a beautiful job of it. Love the snow pictures too - I lke the brightest one also. Looks like you are doing great with your knitting project too.

Schulz Family said...

visiting from crazymumqyuilts. Love love the gorgeous house quilt