Wednesday, 14 April 2010

daffodils and sunsets

I walked the dog down the beach last night and the light and low tide were absolutely gorgeous!  Of course, I didn’t have my camera.  So tonight I did take my camera, but of course the light wasn’t quite so good, there was a weeny breeze on the water and Merlin kept running up the beach!!  Not ideal!  But I did take a few pics:


Daffodils in Marine Gardens looked especially yellow with the low sun on them:

walk no 15 003

The pier in the bacground shows up because it has the setting sun shining on it:

walk no 15 011

An attempt at the sunset!

walk no 15 013

I love the way the sun reflected from these windows and then reflected on the wet sand!

walk no 15 014

In fact I am going to call these photos walk no 15!


Burnice said...

Loving that last one Linda.
Burn x

scrappysue said...

Lovely photos Linda, and what a lovely walk you have. We had the most amazing sunset last night, so I grabbed Holly's camera that has a sunset setting on it; talk about cheating!!! Yours looks great.

Kim said...

Great photos! Beautiful!!!