Friday, 29 October 2010

and some more….

Wednesday morning sunrise!  I jumped out of bed to have a look when Chris Evans on BBC Radio2 said what a lovely pink sky it was!

picture fall 254b

Mum and I went for a lovely walk round Highdown gardens, up on the chalk soil of the downs.  Lovely autumnal colours.

picture fall 258b picture fall 266b picture fall 271

This is Iris Foetida berries in my garden.  The prompt was’open hearted, open minded’.

picture fall 281b 

And finally here I am with my new hairdo and new scarf that I knitted!Sorry I am not smiling, but I am concentrating on tilting the camera right so that I am in the frame!

picture fall 290

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


us 004


While doing a massive tidy up in my dining room/scraproom, I came across this 7 gypsies printers tray and kit by Ali Edwards.  I kept to her design pretty much, and decided to include pictures of the magic dog Merlin!

us 024

Picture Fall

I have found a way of keeping up with this class – but in my own time!  I had high hopes of taking a photo every day, uploading them to the class gallery and taking part in the forum discussions!  However, the month started off with poor weather and I immediately missed a couple of days.  Then when I visited the forum, there were about 400 photos uploaded for each day!!!  Since then I try to read the prompt each day and keep it in mind for when the photo opportunity arises, ort I am in the mood for photography!


Here’s a couple of recent prompts:


Playing with my self timer to get photos of us as a family:

us 008

Merlin wasn’t feeling very photogenic!

us 012 us 014

Maurice had just been for a cycle ride.  (I must take some pics of his new bike – it’s gorgeous!)

us 025  us 029

Maurice took this one.

us 031   

This gorgeous bronze little girl sits upon a bench on Denman’s Gardens garden centre:

picture fall 209b

Back with more later!

Friday, 22 October 2010

More picture fall…

Serving up kindness

Here’s the fruit crumble I made for my wonderful DH yesterday in celebration of our 32nd wedding anniversary!

picture fall 246b


Unexpected enchantment

Another of my little treasures that I have come across while cleaning.  This little nativity scene is only 3” high.  I bought it years ago from the Oxfam shop.

picture fall 217b



A scattering of buttons as I searched for one to mend my winter coat.

picture fall 228b



Taken on Thursday morning, a very white frost on the summery flowers

picture fall 239b

Thursday, 14 October 2010


The prompt was ‘A Little Bit of Sunshine’, thinking about pumpkins.  I found this lovely jam that Mum made sitting on my windowsill

picture fall 188

I didn’t know at the time of taking jam picture that we were going here:

picture fall 193

The pumpkin farm in Slindon Village.  We love to go there every year to see the pumpkins and squashes all laid out beautifully.

picture fall 194

picture fall 203

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Scrap room/Dining room

This room has a real identity crisis!  It is used much more a scrap room, but the furniture is all dining room!  (Except for the ugly plastic drawers!!)

So this morning I decided to clean and reclaim the dresser – and found some more treasures!  Here are my Midwinter plates:

 Picture fall 180 Picture fall 181

And here’s the finished dresser, without scrappy stuff all over it!  (just gotta find somewhere else for the boxes on the top now!)


Picture fall 182

Monday, 11 October 2010

My little menagerie!

I’ve been cleaning lots!  One thing I like about cleaning is that I get reminded of some of the lovely things I have.  They sit on shelves and collect dust and we don’t really notice them!  But every now and then, they come down for a dust, and get handled and looked at again….

home 004 home 002home 005  home 008 

Aren’t they cute?  They are quite small, the big tortoises are about 2” long, the little ones only 1”.  I can’t remember where they came from except that Dad bought them home from a business trip once.  He made a little display case for them.

There’s no place like home…

 Shimelle taught this class a couple of years ago.  I had the prompts printed out all ready to go, and had even bought ‘home’ themed papers and stamps along the way!  Well, I finally got round to looking at the prompts again, and using them as inspiration for my home themed album.  This album takes you through all the houses we have lived in.  Here are some of the pages:

 craft 332 craft 334 craft 335

Thursday, 7 October 2010

In the early morning light..

More ‘Picture Fall’ photos.  This time the challenge was to capture the tranquility of the early morning light.  My early mornings are spent taking Merlin for a walk.  It really sets me up for the day, and I love the early morning light on the beach..

 picture fall 090 picture fall 092 picture fall 094 picture fall 095 picture fall 115picture fall 100 picture fall 104 picture fall 107 picture fall 109 picture fall 110

Monday, 4 October 2010


Picture  Fall day 2 prompt: Cosypicture fall 062

This is where I cosy up with my quilts and fleecy blanket!  From r-l, that’s my lap quilt in browns and cream, then you can see my new ‘star’ quilt.  Finally you can just get a glimpse of my animal print fleecy.  And of course, that’s my feathered star cushion!!  I am ashamed to say that Merlin does jump up to join me occasionally!  He loves to lie on my fleecy blanket.


Here’s Day 3 finding unexpected beauty:

picture fall 074

It’s a slug damaged hosta leaf.  I love the way they turn bright yellow at this time of year.  I am afraid that after a good start I failed to keep it slug free, and the leaves that are left resemble net curtains! :)

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Picture Fall again

After seeing everyone else’s lovely photos I had another go at my leaf photo.  I collected a whole load of colourful leaves on my dog walk just now and photographed them before the light failed too much.  It has been appalling weather for photography over the last few days, so I will have to catch up on the prompts later (actually that’s not a bad idea because I can look at everyone else’s and get some better ideas:))


Here’s Maurice’s favourite:

picture fall 041

And I quite like these two as well:

picture fall 046 picture fall 049

Friday, 1 October 2010

Picture Fall

I am taking this class over at and am pretty excited about having to take a photo a day again!  Only this time it’s just for the month of October.  Today has been horrible weather wise and absolutely NOT photo taking weather!  So I bought a leaf indorrs and put it on my desk under my daylight lamp and took some photos with my macro lens:

picture fall 021b picture fall 006b picture fall 018b