Friday, 16 April 2010

2 news items have grabbed my attention!

Over the past couple of days 2 news items have really grabbed my attention:

A volcano in iceland has erupted sending out a huge plume of volcanic ash that has blown south westwards to sit right over the UK!  It means that no airplanes have flown in UK air space for nearly 2 days now!  It’s going to cause havoc for several days even if flights do resume pretty quickly.


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The other piece of news is that here in the UK we had our first live tv debate by the leaders of our 3 main political parties


From l-r, David Cameron (Conservative), Gordon Brown (Labour) and Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats).  I watched the debate and I was quite impressed!  They all behaved very well, and answered the questions properly instead of just slating each others policies.  I thought that Nick Clegg did best, closely followed by David Cameron then Gordon Brown, which coincidentally is what the polls have said!

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Jane said...

The Volcano and flight problems is the main headline on our news right now. They've said that flights won't be starting up until at least Sunday - I can only imagine the chaos it is causing at airports over there!!