Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Picture Fall

I have found a way of keeping up with this class – but in my own time!  I had high hopes of taking a photo every day, uploading them to the class gallery and taking part in the forum discussions!  However, the month started off with poor weather and I immediately missed a couple of days.  Then when I visited the forum, there were about 400 photos uploaded for each day!!!  Since then I try to read the prompt each day and keep it in mind for when the photo opportunity arises, ort I am in the mood for photography!


Here’s a couple of recent prompts:


Playing with my self timer to get photos of us as a family:

us 008

Merlin wasn’t feeling very photogenic!

us 012 us 014

Maurice had just been for a cycle ride.  (I must take some pics of his new bike – it’s gorgeous!)

us 025  us 029

Maurice took this one.

us 031   

This gorgeous bronze little girl sits upon a bench on Denman’s Gardens garden centre:

picture fall 209b

Back with more later!

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