Friday, 29 October 2010

and some more….

Wednesday morning sunrise!  I jumped out of bed to have a look when Chris Evans on BBC Radio2 said what a lovely pink sky it was!

picture fall 254b

Mum and I went for a lovely walk round Highdown gardens, up on the chalk soil of the downs.  Lovely autumnal colours.

picture fall 258b picture fall 266b picture fall 271

This is Iris Foetida berries in my garden.  The prompt was’open hearted, open minded’.

picture fall 281b 

And finally here I am with my new hairdo and new scarf that I knitted!Sorry I am not smiling, but I am concentrating on tilting the camera right so that I am in the frame!

picture fall 290


Nadja said...

Found you through True Stories. I love your photographs. They're just beautiful!

Shari said...

Great autumn photos Linda - love the berries, you have amazing plants in your garden. Your hair looks great, as does that scarf :)

Helen said...

Wow! what a runrise. It wasn't that pretty where I was. Just been catching up on your last few posts - love those pumpkins at Slindon!