Monday, 4 October 2010


Picture  Fall day 2 prompt: Cosypicture fall 062

This is where I cosy up with my quilts and fleecy blanket!  From r-l, that’s my lap quilt in browns and cream, then you can see my new ‘star’ quilt.  Finally you can just get a glimpse of my animal print fleecy.  And of course, that’s my feathered star cushion!!  I am ashamed to say that Merlin does jump up to join me occasionally!  He loves to lie on my fleecy blanket.


Here’s Day 3 finding unexpected beauty:

picture fall 074

It’s a slug damaged hosta leaf.  I love the way they turn bright yellow at this time of year.  I am afraid that after a good start I failed to keep it slug free, and the leaves that are left resemble net curtains! :)


Shari said...

Love your quilts Linda - this does look very cozy :)

Burnice said...

Looks far too cosy !!!!! Loving the cushion......
Burn x