Tuesday, 25 October 2016

My (not so) new Craft Room

I’ve been meaning to show you my new craft room all year!  We decorated and bought the furniture back in the Spring, and I even took photos back then.  Anyway, without further ado, here it is.

It’s nearly 2 years since our son moved out to live in his own flat, so of course I purloined his room as my craft room!  It is so nice not to have the dining room cluttered.  It is easy to clear up now if someone is coming for dinner.  Here’s what the dining room used to look like, with craft stuff piled up in all 4 corners of the room:

I still sew on the dining room table, but most of my craft stuff is now upstairs, either in my craft room or on the big Ikea unit on the landing.
We decorated the spare room , after having some plastering done on the chimney breast wall. We painted the walls white, and bought white furniture from Ikea.
Here’s my work desk, joined on to 2 4x2 Kallax units.  I am not sure that I really have them organised the best for scrapbooking, but it is nice having everything within reach!  The first column of cubbies house my Etsy shop patterns and other goods for sale.  The curtains are from Next.
 Going around the room, this is the chimney breast wall with a small wardrobe from Ikea which houses my out of season dresses and my dressmaking fabric stash.  The table is our old kitchen table, with cardboard drawers which hold cardstock and paper scraps.  Underneath the table are the vintage patterns I have yet to upload to my Etsy shop.

The gorgeous picture on the wall is from an Etsy shop.  My daughter bought it for me for Christmas.  (Sorry I can’t find the link to the actual shop now)

In the corner recess I have shelves for books and sewing patterns, and my chrome trolley.  You will laugh, when I tell you that when I bought this trolley, this was all the scrapbook stash I had, and intended to have for the future!

Further round (so behind me when I sit at my desk, are the plastic drawers from the dining room, and shelves above.  I sorted my large collection of old (I hesitate to call them vintage!) buttons into colours for display on the top shelf.  I intended this worktop to be where I used my cricut machine and bind-it-all etc, but I really haven’t used them since I moved up here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a tour around my room!  I love sitting up there doing my scrapbooking.  I will be back soon to show what I have been scrapbooking lately.

Sorry about the formatting, live writer and blogger are really not playing ball this morning!


scrappysue said...

Looks great Linda, I can imagine how lovely it must feel to have your own room :) I certainly miss that *sigh* maybe one day! And don't be too shocked that it only took me several years to work out how to comment on blogger! Hope all is well and thanks so much for the postcard xxxx

Helen said...

what a wonderful room!

Patio Postcards said...

Lucky you having a whole room to yourself. Once you get yourself totally settled in there, it will probably take on a rework or two (col). I know what you mean about crafting supplies taking over a space ... it happens so suddenly :)

Karen said...

Having your own space really makes a difference in what you can accomplish! Love the bright light you have, and that print is absolutely gorgeous!

alexa said...

What a splendid space you've created for yourself! I've really enjoyed the 360 degree tour - am would love to know more about that fabulous print too. Hoping you have many happy and productive hours in such a light and bright room.