Monday, 10 October 2016

Memorandum Monday–Monday 10th October

In an effort to get back to blogging, I am joining in with Sian’s Memorandum Monday.

Mine was a slow weekend.  It started off not with Boot Camp at the gym (as is usual on a Saturday morning), but queueing up at the doctors for my annual flu jab.  So of course, as the weekend wore on, my arm began to get that heavy feeling you get afterwards.  If that’s the worse I get then I am thankful.  A small price to pay for not getting a nasty bout of flu this winter.

There was a short walk to the post office to post some sales from my Etsy shop, followed by our first visit to the new Costa coffee shop in our local parade of shops.  The unanimous verdict is that it is very good!  We had a lovely long facebook call with daughter Lucy, who is working in Connecticut, USA for a few weeks.  She has been helping out at a local fair, ‘seeing the real USA, with tractor pulling and pumpkin competitions’!  They got her directing the traffic!  Not sure that was a good idea seeing as they drive on the other side of the road!

Sunday saw me sewing up a storm!  But, first a dog walk and coffee. DSC_9551

We have put our patio table and chairs  away for the winter, so it’s Sunday morning coffee in the summer house now.DSC_9549

I made some bunting from vintage fabrics to sell on my Etsy shop, and continued with my dress.


I then cut out a skirt with this lovely autumnal fabric.





And then of course, it was a Strictly sort of weekend!  We are loving Strictly Come Dancing, this season.  Some great dancers!


Sian said...

I was just thinking that I hadn't been called for my flu jab yet. I think it's worth it, you're right, sore arm and all. Tho last year I got wierd sore legs and I thought it was my imagination until my mum said she had the same. What are we like?!

Have a good week and enjoy sewing that skirt. It looks beautiful.

alexandra s.m. said...

Hi Linda,

You live in England and your DD is in Connecticut.
I live in the US and my DD is in Kent ;)
Your comment about driving on the other side made me smile.
Love your bunting!

Greetings from a fellow MM

Helen said...

Sounds like a busy weekend; love the bunting. I am with you on Strictly, it's going to be good this year I think; they all seem to be good! I had a quiet weekend after a busy week off work, getting out and about. Good to see you blog again.

Karen said...

Lovely bunting, and beautiful fabric for your skirt! My flu shot is scheduled for Thursday, and I'm hoping for a mild reaction since we are away on a long weekend with friends!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Good to see you blogging again and with lovely fabric to share. Enjoy making the skirt, it looks like a great pattern.

Patio Postcards said...

Lovely to have you back blogging! Your bunting looks very nice, will probably sell out quickly & with orders for more. The puppy certainly looks quite grown up now.

alexa said...

Such a great autumnal fabric - do keep us posted on how it goes. Ah, you must miss your daughter ... I know I looked forward to every Facebook minute when mine was in the States for six months. And intriguing for her (and you, vicariously?) to experience new aspects to otherwise familiar things? I chuckled at your traffic comment!

alexa said...

That is a lovely autumnal fabric ... I do love leaves. Hoping you'll let us see it when it's done. I chuckled at the driving comment. Though my DD didn't drive when she was in the States, I was always nervous she'd step off the pavement having not looked both ways correctly. I remember the joy of those Facebook conversations too. Hoping she has a great time. That is a nice line in bunting :).

Susanne said...

What lovely fabrics you are working with - that last one reminds me of top I was wearing just this past weekend. I hope you enjoy your return to blogging - have a good week.