Sunday, 13 November 2016

Silk Screen Printing

A few weeks ago, I went with my crafty friends Burnice and Tash to a silk screen printing course in Brighton.


The course was held in a shop called MADE – Make, Art, Drink, Eat.  At street level it is a very nice cafe and gallery, but go downstairs to the basement and there you will find classrooms for all sorts of art and crafts!

Have you ever done silk screen printing?  I hadn’t and had no idea what it entailed! 

First we drew our design on paper, being careful not to make it too small or draw a shape within a shape, such as an ‘O’.

Next we cut out the design with a scalpel.  Here’s mine.  It is supposed to be grasses and seed heads, but I think I took her advice not to make it too small too literally and made the cut out bits too big!  I think it looks like fireworks now.


Then came the fun bit!  Place the fabric down on plenty of paper, then the stencil, then the silk screen.  Pour some paint on at the top of the screen, and draw it down over the screen with a window wiper.  Great fun!

Here’s Burnice doing her pink heart.


And mine as I lifted up the screen and stencil.


Tash did a chicken.


We decorated a tea towel and a linen bag.



Karen said...

Wonderful! I love your finished projects. I have a friend who silkscreens her Christmas cards every year, but I've never tried it. LOVE the name of the establishment---perfect!

Helen said...

what a great fun sounding course! Love your design - and Burnice's - though I would not have had the patience to do all that cutting!

Sian said...

No, I have never done silk screen printing. But I'm absolutely sure I couldn't make anything as nice as this. You could go into production.

Patio Postcards said...

Oh that does look like a very fun workshop. Just think of the Christmas themed things you can make with this technique :)

Happy week ahead.

alexa said...

These are beautifully done! I'm sure if end up with smudging ... what a great artsy cafe too. We could do with more of these!