Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Rinda’s Scavenger Hunt–Adventure in the Rocky Mountains

We spent 2 weeks in August motorcycling round the Canadian Rockies!  We were on a guided tour,so that meant everything was booked up for us, including rental of motorbikes, hotels, etc, and there was a back-up van for our luggage!  We met some great people on the tour and saw some awesome scenery. 

I decided to try and do the Scavenger Hunt while we were on our trip.  I didn’t get them all,but here’s what I did get:

1 a wild heart

2 foot print or paw print.  There must be a paw print somewhere in this quilt- mustn’t there?


3 skeleton bone or x-ray

4 book or magazine read in 2016

5 porch or deck.  We were lucky enough to have lunch on the patio/deck at Banff Springs Hotel, and the weather was perfect!  Must be one of the most scenic places in the world to have lunch!


6 camper or RV.  I was fascinated by the HUGE RVs!  They were everywhere!  We stayed overnight at this RV park – we had a wooden cabin – in Clearwater, BC.


7 family gathering.  These guys were brilliant!  They certainly felt like my family while we were on the trip.


8 drawing art journal scrapbook page etc made by me

9 someone playing in or around water.  Canoes on Moraine Lake.  So pretty!


10 bicycle.  Rental bicycles in Vancouver.


11 fresh produce.  Granville Island Market in Vancouver



12 window. I found this window in the Chinese garden in Vancouver’s Chinatown


13 the moon.  How about this moon face on one of the totem poles in Stanley Park, Vancouver?


14 buffet of food.  Maurice felt like he was eating a whole buffet of food when he was served this humungous burger at Whistler, BC.


15 team logo.  The Whitecaps FC team store in Vancouver.


16 map showing trip

17 twins.  Maurice and Stewart hired the same BMW motorbike rather than a Harley.  They are BMW R1200RT’s with twin cylinders.


18 supermarket trolley full of groceries

19 seasonal cocktail

20 someone laughing.  We really did laugh a lot on this trip!  Here’s a great picture of Aussie Pam laughing(who rode her own Harley Davidson Fatboy!)



21 photo of me with newspaper or calendar from period covered by hunt

That’s it for this year from me!


Helen said...

welcome back to your blog, it's been a while! What a great adventure you had- I did a tour of the Rockies several years ago - by car - but it is beautiful, isn't it!! Glad you got to share some scavenger photos.

Karen said...

What fun to see this post pop up in my reader! Love your finds, especially since last summer we were in many of the same places. Our trip to the Canadian Rockies was one of our best road trips ever; looks like yours was pretty good, too!

alexa said...

Your photos give a great idea of the terrain and activities you enjoyed - what an amazing trip! I like your moon on the totem pole especially - well spotted!

Patio Postcards said...

I am catching up. Brilliant set of photos. Being Canadian I am so proud of our western provinces & the mountains. Banff Springs Hotel is one of my most favourite places for brunch - they have the best eggs Benedict! Oh your photos are making me long to see the mountains again. You did really well with the SPSH.