Thursday, 21 August 2014

Postcard Swap

Sian organised a postcard swap this Summer!  As soon as she mentioned it I signed up, I love postcards!

Here are the 6 that I received:


Clockwise from the top right:

Scenic Toole County in Utah, USA from Hazel who lives there

Crete, Greece from Becky, who was on holiday in Crete.

Texas USA from Liz who has recently moved there from Scotland!

Bretagne, France from Helen who lives there.

‘Go through your wardrobe’ from Julie who visited the WW1 exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London.  (Somewhere I’d like to visit)

Animal Kingdom from Nicole who spent her honeymoon at Disney World.

Good Craic from Sian our lovely organiser!


Thanks!  I love them all, and they are all pinned up on my new notice board in the kitchen.  It is inside the pantry door so I see them every time I go thereSmile.

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Helen said...

that sounds a great swap - and I love the postcards! I went to the IWM yesterday, one of my 3 days in London this week, it was excellent.