Sunday, 24 August 2014

Kitchen makeover–finished!

It’s finally finished!  We hung the curtains last weekend.  (Actually we still need to get a blind for the window over the sink, but apart from that it is all doneSmile.  I spent this morning tidying up and cleaning so I thought I’d better take some photos!


WE are delighted with our new kitchen, and it is easy to work in and keep clean and tidy.  Look at these 2 cupboard inserts:

First a double shelf kidney shaped insert that pulls right out so you can get to the items far in the back of the cupboard.


Second, and my favourite, a very sturdy basket pully-outy thing!  Here it is inside the cupboard:


Pull this bit out and slide it across,


and then pull the second bit out.  Hope that makes sense!


Hope you’ve enjoyed a tour of my new kitchen!


Sian said...

Gorgeous. I'm absolutely loving that grey and orange combination..warm and fresh and the same time. It's beautiful

Chicken Licken said...

That's VERY posh. Looks lovely!