Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Make do and Mend

I’ve had a bit of a clear out in my wardrobe recently.  I needed to find room for my new dresses and blouses that I have made!  I got it all out and tried everything on.  Some of it is Ok, it still fits, despite my weight loss, so those items went back in.  Some items, I was just not going to wear anymore, so they have gone to the charity shop and a few of the better items are for sale on eBay.  For the rest, I wanted to try and alter them to fit.  So last Friday afternoon, I got my sewing machine out and took in several tops and trousers.  I even took in some jean style trousers in, undoing the waistband and sewing it back together!  I‘m pretty pleased with them!  Unfortunately, I didn’t take a before photo, so I can’t show you.

But here’s a dress I also had success with.  It’s the first dress I made last Summer.  Here I am in it last Summer:

craft 002 - Copy

I must admit, I didn’t wear it much as although the fit was quite good, it felt frumpy!

It was too big now I’ve lost all that weight so I took the sides in by quite a lot, and chopped 4” off the bottom.  I’ve been wearing it today, and it feels much better!



Sian said...

Very flattering! It looks fantastic

Mary Lou said...

Both you & the dress look good.

Wig said...

Great job, Linda, both with your weight loss and your alterations on this dress. You look fabulous! :-D

debs14 said...

Wow, what a difference a year makes! Well done on your slimming success. The dress looked great originally, but even better with a few inches taken away and a shorter length.

Chicken Licken said...

Lookin' sassy Mrs!