Thursday, 8 May 2014

Shoreham photo walk

Shoreham is a small harbour town about 10 miles to the East of us.  One dull Sunday morning recently we decided to drive over there for a photo walk.

Here’s the lovely St Mary De Haura church, which dates back to 1103, and dominates the centre of town.

Shoreham walk 001

We made our way through the town to the new footbridge across the river, over to Shoreham Beach.  Shoreham Beach was first built on in the early 20th century.  The first buildings were converted railway carriages!  None of them are left now.  During the 1960s lots of modern ‘avant-garde’ houses were built along there – but sadly the weather has battered them, coming straight from the sea.  The few we walked past looked very sad in the dreary weather:

Shoreham walk 007

As we made our way back over the river, we spotted this very photogenic boat:

Shoreham walk 015

Shoreham walk 019Shoreham walk 016

You can see the new footbridge and the church in the background.  The funny thing is -  as we were clicking away with our cameras, a man popped his head out of the boat.  We had no idea that it was inhabited!!  I don’t think he was too impressed with us photographing his boat, so we made a quick exit!  We were tempted by lots of little tea shops in the high street, so we stopped to have a drink before we went home.


alexa said...

Your penultimate photo is my favourite - so atmospheric in those weather conditions. Great angle too ... Intriguing name for the church - I am off to google.

Helen said...

Great photos! We used to stay in a converted railway cottage in Pagham for our holidays, every year until I was about 14, they were great - still a few left there, despite the storms!

Karen said...

I'm glad you got your photos before he popped his head out. I love the close-up of the boat, but they are all lovely.