Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Garden–New Border Update

garden 007garden 002garden 005garden 006garden 004garden 003garden 001

Some of the new plants I bought, clockwise from the top:

Cammassia leichtlinii alba

Prunus cistena

Bergenia overture

Berberis thunbergii Area

Allium pinball wizard

Hosta guacomole and heuchera licorice planted in large blue pot


I am finding it difficult to get a good photo of the whole border, here’s the best one:

Triumph 005

Right down at the bottom of this border – below the holly tree is a foxes den!  I think they have left now that we are doing more work down there.

garden 028

And finally, some bluebells growing in the path on the other side of the garden:

garden 005garden 004garden 001garden 002


alexa said...

I always get excited at seeing garden makeovers - too much Alan Titchmarsh in my earlier days! - so it's a delight to see all your new planting, as well as those shimmery bluebell photos ...

Karen said...

You're way ahead of us. It will be at least three more weeks before we can safely plant new plants. I'm trying to figure out what's good and what's weeds in my perennial bed. It's an annual puzzle! Looks like you've found some great new plants!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

How lovely to have bluebells in your garden. Pinball Wizard? What a great name for a plant!