Friday, 23 May 2014

A Weekend in Canterbury

We are having our kitchen refitted at the moment, so decided to go away for the weekend while we have no kitchen.  Here it is freshly plastered ready to dry out over the weekend.

  Canterbury 001

We went to Canterbury, which is famous for it’s cathedral.  It is the  Mother Church of the Anglican Communion and seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury.  We were lucky enough to have glorious weather, and spent our time visiting the cathedral, and wandering around the quaint old streets:

Canterbury 033Canterbury 034Canterbury 046Canterbury 035Canterbury 048Canterbury 047Canterbury 051Canterbury 061

Canterbury 031

On Sunday morning we went for a little boat trip along the river:Canterbury 012

Canterbury 005Canterbury 006Canterbury 030Canterbury 009

We had a lovely picnic by the river, then made our way home.  A lovely relaxing weekend!


alexa said...

That's a wonderful contrast, Linda - that full, ornate carving of the cathedral and your lovely empty plastered space! I have never been but would love to visit - it looks beautiful. Hoping the renovation goes smoothly!

Karen said...

Oh, that kitchen photograph brings back memories of our total kitchen redo three years ago! I hope you are as happy with your new kitchen as I am with mine! Good idea to take a trip! Looks like you had a lovely time.

Sian said...

I can almost smell the drying plaster just looking at that top picture

It's years since we've been in Canterbury - I really enjoyed these photos, especially the details you have captured inside the cathedral