Sunday, 25 May 2014

52 photos

I must admit to have neglected this project a little.  So I’ve cheated a little and looked at my recent photos to see if any fit!

Where I live.

I live in a seaside town on the south coast of England.  The English channel is wider here - about 40 miles from France and mainland Europe.  I love the sea!  I can’t imagine living far from the sea, for lots of reasons.  It defines our town, as it is a focal point, for walks and activities.  It defines our weather, we are never too hot or cold here, the sea cools us down in the summer and keeps the frosts away in the winter.  It’s just those pesky Sou’Westerly winds that I don’t like! 

beach 007

What I wore.

It’s Me Made May among the sewing blogs!  Dressmakers ad sewists are trying to wear me made clothes for all of May.  It’s very inspiring to have a peek at the blogs and flickr pages.  I haven’t made enough outfits to wear them every day, but am trying to wear all my Me Made outfits this month and trying to find new ways of styling them.  Here’s my first Tiramisu from Cake Patterns.

London 004



We went to a fish and chip restaurant at Brighton Marina last night. The sky was really messy with all different types of clouds!  I took this as the sun was going down.

brighton marina 005

Someone I love

I took this photo of Maurice in the cloisters at Canterbury Cathedral.  I love the light and shad on his face.  And for once, his eyes aren’t closed!

Canterbury 024


Helen said...

Great photos as always, love the sky at Brighton.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Some lovely shots Linda. I still miss the sea, 18 years after moving away! I was hoping to participate in MMM this year, but have nothing year.

Karen said...

The portrait is absolutely wonderful!