Monday, 2 June 2014

Month in Numbers - May

It has been a very exciting month of May here at Pierce towers!   We are still in the middle of 1 kitchen renovation, but at least I can use the appliances now.  We have had a complete change of style and layout.  We are thrilled with itSmile

kitchen makeover 002Canterbury 001

kitchen 003kitchen 001


Number of days without kitchen at all  - 12

Number of Men fitting kitchen   - 8

Number of new cupboards – 18

Number of drawers (including pan drawers) - 6

Number of days painting walls – 3

Number of litres of paint bought – 2


We had 2 fabulous nights out in London this month! 

We were treated to a lovely dinner at the Oxo tower on the South Bank by our friends from San Francisco, who had flown the 5,359 miles to London earlier that day!  Lovely views over St Paul’s cathedral and very nice food.

London 018London 016


The restaurant is on the 8th floor of the building (highly recommended if you are ever in London!)

The building was largely rebuilt in the art deco style in 1928/9

Refurbished in 1990s

78th tallest building in UK

49th tallest in London


Our 2nd trip to London was for a celebration for a business award that Maurice had won.  We had dinner in the private dining area at the top of the Gherkin!  It was fab-u-lous!!!!

gherkin 001gherkin 002gherkin 005gherkin 018gherkin 014gherkin 022gherkin 031


180m tall

360 degrees views across London from the top of the building

Private dining room and bar on 39th and 40th floors, ie the top!

Building is 10 years old

7,429 panes of glass equivalent to 5 football pitches


1 Birthday this month in our family, Mother-in law was 93!

For Me Made May, I only managed to wear Me Made clothes 6 times, (not including pyjamas, which I wore 7 times!

Triumph 036Triumph 004London 004

I spent 15 days not crafting because of the kitchen renovation.  We had ‘kitchen in the dining room’ which is where I normally sew and scrapbook.

Finally, 1 new motorbike purchased:

Triumph 022

Notice that there is a bit of an orange theme, with motorbike and kitchen wall, and I even have my nails painted orange at the moment!


Engine capacity – 1050cc

cylinders – 3

Power – 113bhp

Weight – 198kg

I am looking forward to lots of rides out on it this summer.

I am linking up with Julie Kirk for Month in Numbers.  Do pop over and have a look at some of the others, that’s what I am going to do!


KraftyKaren said...

Hope you are back in your kitchen properly very soon and then you can craft again - it is all going to look very lovely once it is finished. Looks like you have had a great month

Julie Kirk said...

Linda this is an absolute tour de force of a Month in Numbers post! Love all the detailed statistics which make up the fabulous glimpse into your May! Glorious!

You wouldn't have dared to *not* go out with people who'd travelled 6000 miles to get there would you? And such great locations for your celebrations too.

And I'd noticed the orange/coral even before you mentioned it. I was going to comment on how your 'me made' outfits looked like a perfect coordinated capsule wardrobe. I guess you really know what you like and - better still - you know how to make it!!

Your month is safely pinned to the Month in Numbers board with the other number crunchers now:

Thanks so much for a great contribution to the series and here's to a bright [probably orange if May was anything to go by] and happy June.

Julie :-)

Alison said...

Lots happened for you in May, renovations seem to take forever, don't they?
Alison xx

alexa said...

That's a splendid set of statistics - I love how you've extracted all the relevant numbers. And very well done and congratulations to Maurice - a lovely photo of you both as a momento. Clearly, a High Society month!