Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Wrapping Paper

Let’s talk about wrapping paper!  There is plenty of it in the shops at this time of year, rolls and rolls of it!  You can have shiny, colourful, Christmassy, childish, traditional, all sorts!  And it is generally so cheap.  There are usually buy 2 for the price of 3 bargains to be had.

This year I’ve bought these 3 rolls:

Christmas 009

I love the craft and red!  The shiny red one seems to have appeared from nowhere into my wrapping paper bag.  I’m guessing that Lucy bought it.

How I wish I could wrap presents beautifully!  I see lots of lovely ideas in magazines and on Pinterest.  Look at these lovely ideas!  But I cannot even wrap a box neatly!  You’d think with all my paper crafting and sewing that I would be better at it!  I wonder of there is a course? *Sigh*

Onto my advent parcel for today!  Some gorgeous Christmas tree brads!  Perfect for my Christmas pages that I am planning on doing when I get all this sewing finished!

Christmas 007

Finally, thought I’d share with you a picture from our lounge.  We decorated the tree in red and white this year.  We are very pleased as it showcases the little felt ornaments I made earlier!  Just needs a red/white fairy for the top.

Christmas 004


onshore said...

Your living room looks beautiful! Very christmassy.
Have you ever considered gift bags or decorated boxes instead of wrapping paper?
Like like wrapping box type things but others are a pain, I never get those looking nice.

Melissa said...

Your tree & home are lovely - so very festive!

I picked up a huge roll of wrapping paper yesterday & will use last year's leftovers, too. There are always so many options it's hard to decide - you made a lovely choice.

Burnice said...

Hoped they would come in useful for your Christmas pages xxx

Sian said...

I can so relate to this one. I'm a hopeless wrapper! and I think everyone probably expects me to be better at it given that I love to cut up paper. I get my husband to measure and cut and I stick it down.