Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Making a List…

of presents to buy.  Just one of my many Christmas lists, now I have a Christmas binder!  A few years ago, I joined an ‘Get organised for the holidays’ course on www.simplify101.com.  I now have a well organised binder with tabs for presents, food, cards, entertainment plus planner for the month of December.  It certainly helps the stress levels by having everything down on paper instead of churning around in my head!

Today I am focussing on present lists.  I recently came across some old lists written by the children.  Such fun to see what sort of things they wanted!  Nowadays I ask them what they want for their ‘big’ present, and try to buy some surprise fun things for their stockings. Now they are getting older I am finding stocking fillers (that aren’t rubbish!) more and more difficult to find.

15.12.11 presents 006

I don’t have to buy many presents, only really for Maurice, my children and my Mum. I do usually buy a surprise present for Maurice but Mum chooses hers.  We now have 4 great nieces and nephews so I do buy for them.  Last year I made 2 baby quilts, this year it’s 1, and there will be at least 1 more next yearSmile.  One of them lives in Australia so I was really chuffed with myself when I was able to order and pay for a toy from a shop in Sydney to be delivered to their door!  (Especially as I had missed the posting date for parcels!)

 Christmas 112



My advent present today is really useful for my scrapbooking – it’s glue!  A glue marker and a glue dots.  Thanks Burnice!

Christmas 001


Sian said...

Some very intriguing and exciting photos there! I've been trying to persuade the 15 year old here to write a letter to santa, without a lot of luck..

Burnice said...

That glue is very runny so be aware! If you leave it before sticking anything to it, the glue becomes a sticky (post it) note!!!!
Glad you find them useful.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I need to work on both what we want and buying things for others!