Friday, 13 December 2013

A White Christmas?

A lovely thought, but very unlikely here on the South Coast of England. are offering odds of 9/4 for snow on the ground in London on Christmas Day, 2/1 in Glasgow. (Not sure what that means exactly, but I think it’s more likely in Glasgow!)  The nearest we got to a white Christmas in recent years was snow in early December in 2010. december daily 044

Today’s forecast from The Met Office, is for a dull, grey day with a high of 11 degrees C and a low of 5 degrees C overnight.  It’s likely to stay the same over Christmas.  I shall be quite happy with that, as BIL is driving here on Christmas morning, (about 1.5hours) and he is bringing the turkey!  So we need to have the roads clear otherwise no turkey!

Days 12 and 13 advent presents:

Some fun polka dot scissors and a notebook.

Christmas 002


Burnice said...

Great scissors aren't they ? No snow Christmas Day please - Peter's cooking!!!

Sian said...

It's been really warm here today. But on the day we got our tree up I am longing for a little drift of snow I must admit