Saturday, 14 December 2013

There’s no place like home…

at Christmas! 

Christmas 012

We have been at home for Christmas all our married life.  I can’t imagine not being here really.  We have been out on Christmas Day to family gatherings but always woken up and opened our presents at home. Maybe one day we will go away for Christmas, might be nice to try.

As a child we used to visit grandparents in another part of the country for Christmas.  I can remember worrying how Father Christmas would find me as I wasn’t in my own bed! But luckily he did find me and left me a pillow case full of presents. I remember big Christmas gatherings around my grandmother’s table, roast turkey, roast potatoes, lashings of vegetables and all the trimmings!  I remember being surprised when everyone got a sixpence in their bowls of Christmas pudding!  I didn’t work it out until many years later that my grandmother had put them in as she served the pudding!  Happy memories!

My advent present today is some lovely threads, needles and dressmaking pencil.  I’ll take a photo tomorrow when the light is better.

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Sian said...

For many years we have had to travel on Christmas Day to see family..but the last couple we have been in our own house and I agree. Much as I love to see everyone there's no place like home!