Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Happy Plans and 25 presents!

I am following Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas again this year, but with a twist.  I am not making an album,just posting on my blog.  So today’s prompt is about making plans for happiness!  I love that!  I have some happy plans to celebrate Christmas with family and friends.

Christmas party 007Christmas party 2012 006

Last year I had several social engagements, such as a dinner dance at the Amex Stadium, an 80th birthday party and a wedding celebration.  I bought 2 new dresses, and had a super hair-do.  It was lovely!  This year, I feel happy that we don’t have so much to do.  I am happy to have a quieter Christmas season.  I have made a few plans to celebrate with friends, such as a dinner with gym friends, and a dinner at a friends to celebrate her new house, and ‘warm it up’ for Christmas!  We are sad that both Maurice’s nephews are abroad for Christmas this year, but will have a lovely quiet Christmas day with their Dad, Maurice’s brother.  Later in Christmas week, we will invite my brother’s family for a get together.  They have their first grandchildSmile, who I have made a baby quilt for ….shhh! don’t tell!


Tash, Burnice and I decided to make each other an advent box this year.  I’ve done 25 presents for Tash, Tash for Burnice and Burnice for me.  Last night we had our usual get together at Burnice’s craft cabin, and exchanged the gifts.  Here they are on Burnice’s sofa:

Christmas 2013 002

Don’t they look fab!

So I’m going to blog my present each day:

Day 1, a basket to put all the presents in

Christmas 2013 001

Day 2 cute bird pegs, and Day 3 cute doll hook

Christmas 2013 002Christmas 2013 003

Tash bought me this fabulous book.  I have already seen this book on Julie’s blog here and was very keen to buy it.  Tash beat me to it! The perfect present!

Christmas 2013 004

And a little extra present from Burnice, a nail file that fixes to a key ring, and a slab of chocolate, moulded in Christmas wordsSmile

Christmas 2013 005


Sian said...

Wow, 25 gifts! That's Christmas every day until - Christmas. I'll be looking out for your treats so please do keep posting!

Karen said...

Looks like the holiday is off to a great start!

alexa said...

Wow, that is an Advent gift-event and a half! Up here, it's a piece of chocolate if you are lucky :). Your little gifts are lovely - and I am so tempted by that book ...

Maria Ontiveros said...

We plan to go to southern California this year and have happy times with family. Missed that last year.