Monday, 2 December 2013

Thoughts on an early start…

I like that Christmas starts early in the shops.  I like to see the lush stands of Christmas decorations go up at the end of September.  I like to browse the stands to marvel at the pretty tree decorations and the new ideas, and be amazed at the prices!

Christmas 038

Here’s a local garden centre a few years ago. I love to see the elaborate Christmas scenes that they come up with each year.

I like to bake my Christmas cake in October or November, and to get a head start on gift shopping.  Last year, I had almost finished all my shopping by the beginning of December,  It was a lovely feeling that I could sail through December and enjoy all the parties and events I was going to.  This year I am not so organised!  Still plenty of Christmas shopping to do…

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Maria Ontiveros said...

I guess I like to wait but I wish that Thanksgiving had occurred earlier this year. ONly three weeks left. And it feels too soon.