Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Best ever present!

I am finding it really difficult to remember what my best ever present was!  I don’t really get surprise presents now, and even as a teenager I think I knew what my present was going to be. 

As a teenager, I think our best present was a red shiny canoe.  We knew we were getting one, but didn’t know what it looked like.  Mum and Dad hid it under a sleeping bag in the lounge.  I remember that my grandparents were with us that Christmas.  There’s a lovely photo somewhere of me and my brother unveiling the canoe, must dig it out and scan it in so I can show you.  We were all dressed and canoeing on the river in no time!

As an adult, our best present was a baby!  Nicholas was born 25 years ago this Christmas!  (Actually on 27th Dec)  3 years later, we did it again when Lucy was born on 8th Dec!  I haven’t got any photos of them on as babies on the computer, so here they are a few years later, about 6 and 3. 

img020 - Copy

Now they are grown up we get some terrific presents from them, such as tickets for the MotoGP race at Silverstone last year, and further back, a weekend away!


Anyway, it’s day 4 of my 25 gifts from Burnice, and today I unwrapped this lovely photo frame:

Christmas 2013 001

And here’s a peek in the bag at what is to come!  Not sure if you can see but the little stamps that Burnice has used for labels have spelt Christmas wrong!!  It’s spelt Chirstmas on them - LOL!

Christmas 2013 003


alexa said...

That's a lovely casual and happy photo of your two ... are you going to put it in the frame? It would look lovely ...

Helen said...

Now, there is a way to make Christmas (or Chirstmas!) last longer, but how organised you've had to be! Love the picture of your youngsters.

Burnice said...

there is an extra 'I' on the labels Linda - it spells "chiristmas" i think!