Monday, 29 July 2013

Buses and coaches

Every year in Worthing we have a ‘sea front fayre’.  It includes lots of a fun activities along the seafront, including a fun fair, market stalls, car and bike shows, and a bus rally.  The bus rally takes place just nearby, so we usually walk down to have a look.

There are always lots of the Routemasters, the iconic London bus:

bus rally 001bus rally 003

Our local bus company had this cream and green livery.

bus rally 007

Ahhh!  These take me back to my childhood, early 1970s coaches!  I would have sat on one of these on school outings, and my grandparents would have caught one of these when they came to visit from Birmingham. I remember once going on a coach day trip wioth them to Hastings.  I think we have photos somewhere…. I feel a scrapbook page coming on!

bus rally 010bus rally 012bus rally 013 

We always enjoy looking at vintage vehicles that have been lovingly restored.  As we walked home Maurice asked me if it brings the ‘anorak’ out in me.  I have to say, no, it doesn’t.  I like looking at them and appreciate the hard work and patience that has gone into them, but have no interest in the history, the mechanics and details of which garage these buses and coaches operated from!  However, it must be great to show off your bus at one of these events, along with others who share your passion.

Finally, I managed another Scavenger Hunt photo.  An outdoor market.  Yesterday we had the charity stalls along the seafrontSmile

bus rally 008


Helen said...

Love those old Routemaster buses! I used to jump on an off them, such freedom!!

Sian said...

Hi Linda. It's good to be catching up with what you've been up to while I've been away..looks like the weather has been amazing! I love your pictures of the old buses and you have got me thinking about doing pages about school trips now too :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

What fun photos and glad you found the market. Don't forget to link up on Weds with the other hunters!

evie winter said...

The old busses are beautiful, how exciting to see them - lovely photos as are the scavenger hunt ones too.