Saturday, 20 July 2013

Roses. roses, roses

Yesterday Mum and I braved the hot weather to visit the RHS garden at Wisley in Surrey.  The forecast was for a few degrees cooler (high 20s), but it is beginning to get humid now, and a bit uncomfortable whenever you start to do anything!  We took umbrellas to shade ourselves from the heat of the sun!

It is Mum’s most ever favourite place in the world, and one of mine too.  It was worth it!  The roses are especially spectacular right now!

wisley 005wisley 006wisley 007wisley 010wisley 003wisley 008

We walked down to the ‘trials’ field where new varieties of plant are grown and tested for ‘garden merit’.  The best varieties receive the AGM, award of garden merit.  It’s always a good bet to buy one of these! Here’s the sweet pea trial, and some towering pink delphiniums:

wisley 018wisley 019

We found a picnic table in the perfect cool spot under this oak tree:

wisley 024

Wish my veg patch looked like this!

wisley 025

This bonsai pine forest grows in about 2 inches of soil!

wisley 029

Of course, no day out this Summer is complete without ticking off a few Scavenger Hunt items!  How about this tree bench?  We found it in a shady corner with hostas and ferns growing all about it.

wisley 021

Or this one in the rose garden?  That’s Mum posing for my photoSmile

wisley 012

And a contender for my funny sign! wisley 015

This beautiful rose is called:

wisley 016


Chicken Licken said...

We used to go to Wisley all the time when we were children. I haven't been for years but it looks very much the same! Our favourite bit used to be the small gardens that you could walk round and the rock gardens with all the little streams. Beautiful roses and I bet those sweet peas smelt amazing!

Karen said...

Wisley looks like a lovely spot! Roses are often very difficult to photograph well; your photos are wonderful.

Alison said...

That wooden bench is amazing!...and the roses are beautiful!
Alison xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

My mom loved roses. Thanks for bringing back her memory today. And I love that bench!

Burnice said...

Great pics, Linda. I want that DicWillyNilly!
Burnice xx

Missus Wookie said...

Wisley is special isn't it? Gorgeous photos too.