Monday, 6 August 2012

Storytelling Sunday–Sporting Prowess

OOps! A day late, but never mind, here’s my story for this Olympic month of August 2012'.

I am inspired by the wonderful tally of gold medals (now 16!!) that it got me thinking about our sporting prowess.  The only really sporty one is Lucy.  Maurice does a little running, and once ran a marathon, but Lucy was an England Champion!

Lucy and her cousin Izzy started to play volleyball when they got to high school.  Thanks so much to Freda Bussey, the PE teacher who loved volleyball and got them playing to such a high standard.  They won the under-16 England championship in 2008.  We all trooped off to Bath University to support them.  They were the under-dogs having been well and truly beaten by the other side previously.  But they won!  Wow, we were so happy for them!


Here’s the moment they won:DSC_0030 - Copy

Team photo with coach Freda Bussey:DSC_0056 - Copy

Lucy and Izzy holding the cup.

DSC_0062 - Copy

Sadly, Lucy doesn’t play any more, but Izzy does.  In fact, Izzy’s friend Megan just missed getting into the England women’s team this year!  Watch this space, she will surely be a future star.

Freda was well and truly recognised for her great work for volleyball when she was picked to be an Olympic flame torchbearer.


Sian said...

Definitely not late - especially with such a timeless tale of winning! I'm blown away by stories of sporting prowess like this, because I am so non-sporty myself. Love it.

Missus Wookie said...

Oh what an exciting and emotional set of photos :) Glad you joined us this month with such a great Olympic story.

heart.hearth.home. said...

How proud you must be to have a sporty family. Love the photographs, they look so happy to have won. So appropriate for the Olympics.

Alison said...

Well done Lucy and Izzy..we are such a non-sport family!
Alison xx

furrypig said...

What a proud moment! It must be amazing to do so well at a sport.

alexa said...

Wonderful achievement, and such happy photos!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Wow! What a great story!

Melissa said...

What a perfect story for this time of the Olympics!

Chipper said...

Congratulations on the achievement. I love volleyball, it was the only sport I enjoyed and was any good at :-)