Monday, 13 August 2012

Bereft now the Olympic games have ended!

olympics volleyball 003

We’re all a little bit unsure what to do with ourselves here in the UK now the Olympics is over!  But what a great games it turned out to be!  I don’t usually watch so much sport, but have been glued to these games!  Here’s some of my highlights:

  1. Jessica Ennis wining the heptathalon despite the enormous pressure on her
  2. Usain Bolt winning 3 gold medals
  3. David Rudisha new world record in 800m, what lovely style!
  4. USA women's 100m (I think) relay team new WR (Love the name: Carmelita Jeter)
  5. Mo Farrah winning 10,000m and 5,000m, and his mo-bot!
  6. The wonderful support and noise the crowds gave, and how grateful the athletes were!
  7. The whole GB cycling team (not to forget the rowing team)
  8. That women were allowed to compete in every sport and that every country included women in their teams
  9. Nicola Adams winning the first women's boxing Olympic gold
  10. Tom Daley winning the bronze in the diving and being so darned happy about it!
  11. Going to see the volleyball, being there at a real Olympic event!

That was going to be my top 10, but  I just read out my list to Lucy and she said 'not the volleyball then', so I just had to add another one!!!


Sian said...

I know, I can't belive how sad I am that it's over. I don't even really usually like sport! But this had me hooked

Mary-Lou Kuchma said...

I liked the moments of England's Team Dressage Gold and England's Individual Dressage Gold - I cried happy tears and I think the only smile from Princess Anne was giving her daughter the silver for Team Eventing.

Helen said...

Can't fault your list, it was an amazing spectacle from start to finish, and I am so proud GB won the bid and put on such a good show. The gamesmakers were by all accounts superb, and they enjoyed it too.

Alison said...

I have to admit to getting more caught up in it than I expected!
Alison xx

alexa said...

Glad you really enjoyed it - it will be in your memory for a long time ...