Monday, 20 August 2012

Glad we made the effort…

to go to London in this hot fluffy humid weather!  We wanted to go to the Scott’s Last Expedition exhibition at the Natural History Museum.  Maurice and I have long since been fascinated by Captain Scott and his ill-fated expedition to the South Pole, so when we were offered free tickets from Maurice’s employer, we decided we’d take a trip to London.

natural history museum 015

But… we kept putting it off for one reason or another, and like everyone else avoided London over the Olympics.  The exhibition is ending on 2nd September, and due to other commitments, our last hope was yesterday. But then…. the weather forecast was for very hot humid weather, up to 32 degrees in London!  Eeek!  I do not do well in hot weather, and Maurice wasn’t so keen to go if I was going to complain all day (LOL!).  But then we realised that the trains would be air conditioned – in fact, sometimes they are too cold!, and hopefully the museum would be cool, maybe a little of that icy wind from Antarctic for atmosphere!

Well, we made the effort and we had a wonderful time.  Although it was hot and humid outside, we hardly felt hot at all, just a little on the underground, luckily only 2 stops, and waiting for the train home on Victoria station.  The exhibition was very well done.  The central part was the size of Scott’s hut in the Antarctic, with the floor plan drawn out for where the beds etc were.  There were lots of artifacts from the expedition, and they were showing film taken during the expedition.  Two things stood out for me, the hardship that the men suffered during the months they spent in the Antarctic, especially over the long dark winters, and the pioneering scientific research they did into weather, geology and wildlife.

Here’s some photos from the Natural History Museum:002

It’s a lovely building with some fabulous architectural details.  The main hall is filled with this huge replica of a Diplodocus dinosaur.  It is incredibly long from the tip of it’s nose to the tip of it’s tail!

003natural history museum 012

We spent a little bit of time after the Scott exhibition looking in the ‘Cocoon’, which is a fabulously interactive display of collecting and classifying.  Look at this gorgeous collecting case full of butterflies!  I’m doing an online class Ode to Nature at the moment, so this exhibition really inspired me!  More details on that class on another blog post later in the week!

natural history museum 005

I was also on the look out for photos for Rinda’s scavenger hunt.  Here’s my horse!  natural history museum 009


And a photo of me with a symbol of my nation.  This is Victoria Railway Station in London with union jack flags flying a plenty due to the Olympics!

natural history museum 021

I have a few more photos to show you and will do so in another blog post later this week.


Sian said...

What a wonderful "horse" picture - that's something a bit different! my husband would have loved to see this exhibition, he wanted to go to an Amundsen museum when we were away but we didn't have time. Just his kind of thing

Maria Ontiveros said...

As soon as I saw those butterflies, I thought of the Ode to Nature class (which I'm also in). And I love your horse!

onshore said...

Ï actually don't think I've ever visited this museum, although I have visited the science museum next door. The building looks beautiful.

I have odd liking of the butterfly collections, while at the same time I find it quite discusting.

Good to hear you had nice time in London.

Alison said...

What a great horse..and a great pic of you! Glad you enjoyed your day Linda
Alison xx

alexa said...

Splendid horse! and how interesting to see the whole thing laid out as Scott and his companions would have experienced it ... Sounds as if you had a great day. (PS You could have come up north to escape the heat - we've seen none of it, and it's not been above 19C here!).