Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Week in my life–day 2

Another grey miserable day!  Although there were plenty of grey clouds scudding along, we didn’t get any rain today.


My morning dog walk:

I am fascinated by this crane on the building site on the seafront!  I’d love to go up and sit in the little control cabin and make the big arm swing round!

Along the prom into town

This hotel ‘The Beach’ is being demolished.  It was a 1940s style building and a bit of a Worthing landmark.

Back home along some back streets trying to keep out of the wind!

12.04.24 week in the life 01412.04.24 week in the life 01612.04.24 week in the life 01812.04.24 week in the life 019

Back from dog walk, I’m drinking coffee at the laptop on the kitchen table, Merlin has plonked himself on my bedroom floor!

12.04.25 weekin the life 00312.04.25 weekin the life 00712.04.25 weekin the life 012

Back into my routine this week, housework on a Tuesday.  A little collection of frames that I bought to ‘pretty up’ my bedroom.  Only just got round to putting the smaller picture in! 

12.04.25 weekin the life 01512.04.25 weekin the life 019

Aquazumba class at lunchtime.  No, I’m not showing you a picture of me in my cozzie!  Here’s the aftermath, towel and cozzie on the line to dry.

12.04.25 weekin the life 034

I had to go to the dentist in the afternoon as I’d had toothache for a while.  Turns out I have to have a root canal filling, YEUCH!  I decide to drive rather than cycle so I raided my change jar for money for the car park:


12.04.25 weekin the life 03012.04.25 weekin the life 032


Dog walk in the evening.  Our town is having water meters fitted to every house, here’s the sign in the next street along.  It’ll be our turn soon.

12.04.24 week in the life 020


Alison said...

I've never heard of Aquazumba Linda...sounds fun though!
Alison xx

Shari said...

Loving your everyday life photos Linda :). Water meters are coming our way in the not too distant future too. Sorry about your tooth!