Thursday, 26 April 2012

Week in the Life day 3

Wednesday started off very WET!  Merlin and I got very wet on our walk.  Here’s some damp dog towels and waterproof overtrousers dripping!

12.04.26 week in the life 00312.04.26 week in the life 004

Our delivery from arrives on my doorstep on a Wednesday morning.

12.04.25 week in the life 002


Off to my Pilates class, no pictures I’m afraid.

Very squally showers, look our bin blew over, even though it is tucked into the corner.

12.04.26 week in the life 005

Luckily the wind and rain died down while I went to the hairdressers, for colour and cut and blow dry.  Much as I like the effect, I really hate sitting in there for 2 hours!

12.04.26 week in the life 012


I went out with Mum in the afternoon to a garden centre.  Forgot to take my camera, which was a shame, because we saw the most gorgeous rhododendron flowers!

Here’s a couple of projects I’m working on.  First is a little crotcheting.  I’m doing a cushion cover by sewing together these little squares, in my lounge colours.

Second is a scrapbook page which is part of our 1999 holiday to Estepona, Spain.  I’m loving using these bright zingy papers from American Crafts!

12.04.26 week in the life 01512.04.26 week in the life 016

But look what a mess my room is in!  One of my ‘aha’ moments from my Time course is that I spend too much time faffing around in here because it is so messy.  Time to really clear the clutter!

12.04.26 week in the life 018

While we were out for our evening dog walk, the sun tried to peep through the clouds and there was a magical light!  I’ve tried to capture it in these photos:

12.04.26 week in the life 01912.04.26 week in the life 02012.04.26 week in the life 021


Gem's Crafts said...

I love your photo of the sun peeping through the clouds :) and it's always really interesting looking into someone else's daily life, especially for a nosey parker like me!

Burnice said...

Great picture of the bench - it's a bit moody!!
Burnice x

alexa said...

I love the photo of the sunlight/clouds and the moody bench too. Though your craft room looks very tidy to me! I love the every-dayness of your photos here.

Alison said...

Especially love the last three pics Linda!
Alison xx

Shari said...

Linda - great photos. I don't think your craft room looks too messy at all .... mine is worse :)