Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Week in the Life

I am participating in Ali Edwards week in the life again!  I so loved doing it last summer, and it’s great to do it at a different time of the year.  I do expect my routine to be somewhat similar though, not much has changed in my life!

Yesterday was a wet, miserable day, so not a good day for photography!  But I took my little pocket camera with me and took these:

I forgot first thing, so didn’t take my camera with me on my dog walk, but here he is afterwards!  He should really be lying on his mat that you can see in the middle of the floor!

12.04.24 week in the life 001

Too wet to garden, so I stayed inside and did too much computerising!

12.04.24 week in the life 00212.04.24 week in the life 003

The weekly grocery shop!  Still pouring with rain.  I forgot to take my credit card wallet with me!!  Luckily I had done a small shop and just about had enough cash in my purse to pay!

12.04.24 week in the life 00512.04.24 week in the life 006

The weather cheered up a bit later on, but not until I had got soaking wet cycling to CAB!  There have been some wonderful skies recently, with towering clouds and bright blue in between.  (Tip: if you want to take a photo like this you have to expose for the white cloud, otherwise it blows out and you lose all the detail)

12.04.24 week in the life 008


Dinner was salmon with loads of veg:

12.04.24 week in the life 010

And then we went for a rather damp and cold dog walk along the seafront:

12.04.24 week in the life 011

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Alison said...

Shame about the weather..hope today was better!
Alison xx