Friday, 27 April 2012

Week in the life day 4

Still the threat of rain this morning.  Here I am getting ready to go out with Merlin, tuning my phone into radio 2 so I can listen to Chris Evans while walking.

12.04.26 week in the life 025

Has to be a quick walk this morning as I am due at CAB at 9am, so through the park.  Merlin finds a puddle!

12.04.26 week in the life 02712.04.26 week in the life 031

Along the main road and back to our house.  I love the yellow petals of the berberis on the pavement.

12.04.26 week in the life 03212.04.26 week in the life 037

cycling to CAB, the sun has come out now.

12.04.26 week in the life 04812.04.26 week in the life 044

My greenhouse in the garden is dismantled at the moment, so I have this ‘mini’ greenhouse in the conservatory.  And of course, I couldn’t miss taking a photo of my lovely orange tulips!

12.04.26 week in the life 04012.04.27 week in the life 002

I decide to do a spot of gardening and clear this weedy gravel path by the front door

12.04.27 week in the life 00612.04.27 week in the life 007

12.04.27 week in the life 008

After about half an hour I go indoors to check on our bank blalnces.  This year my One Little Word is economise, so I am trying to keep a track of our spending against a budget we drew up recently.  I am happy to report that for the first 3 months of the year, we are pretty much on track!  Off to rejoin Weightwatchers!  I have tried for so long on my own, time for some help with weight loss.

12.04.27 week in the life 01012.04.27 week in the life 009


Sian said...

Hurray for effective economising!

Alison said...

Glad you saw some sun Linda..and good luck with WW!
Alison xx

alexa said...

Those orange tulips are so pretty! You fitted a lot into your day...

Shari said...

Those tulips are gorgeous Linda. Good luck with WW :)