Monday, 4 April 2011

Garden a Day–last few days

I went to the garden centre with a long list and bought this lovely little lot back:

Euphorbia chariacias ‘Black Pearl’  (love the black ‘eyes’)

Callicarpa giraldii Profusion (for the purple berries in autumn)

Ribes Pulborough Scarlet (flowering currant, great pink flowers in spring)

Berberis thunb. tiny gold (a tiny little plant for lighting up the front of the border)

Spirea Firelight (gorgeous browny green leaves in Spring)

3 papaver plants (blowsy big poppy flowers, pink and red)

Lily bulbs (I have always wanted to grow a big pot full of lilies!)

garden a day 193

Another job that has been waiting to be done was to refurbish and replant my sinks.  One of them comes from my grandmother’s garden, the other one was here when we moved.  I have emptied the smaller one as it had the dreaded vine weevil!  The nasty little white grubs eat the roots and the poor plants die.  The bigger one doesn’t seem to have suffered, but just to make sure I will water in the vine weevil killer this week.  In fact, I’ll treat all my pots as a precaution.

garden a day 203

How do I feel after my month of ‘garden a day’?  Well, I can tell you that I feel absolutely great!  The garden is looking the best it has done for several years!  Mum and I have renovated a couple of borders over the past couple of years and they are beginning to look fabulous.  Looking round the garden I am surprised at the variety of plants I do have – there is a lot of green, but there is texture too.  Getting out there for a little time every day has conquered the overwhelming feeling that usually stops me in my tracks!  I have concentrated on just one little bit of the garden each time and ignored other areas.  And it has become a habit!  I will continue to keep it going throughout the summer, it is great to be outdoors in the good weather


scrappysue said...

Well done Linda, you have worked so hard on your garden and will be able to enjoy it all the more in the summer! Just goes to show what consistent effort can achieve, woo hoo!

Shari said...

Woohoo from me too Linda - you have made fantastic progress with your garden. I am so inspired by your commitment with this!