Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Garden a Day

You can guess that I didn’t do any gardening on Friday!  I didn’t on saturday either as I went out to a craft demo day at Craftsulove.  But I made up for it on Sunday and yesterday.

We went to the dump on Sunday with 2 big builders sacks full of garden rubbish!  We have a brand spanking new dump in Worthing and it is fun!  All new and shiny!!

On Sunday I cleared a bit of the back corner.  This vinca is a bit of a thug round there, so I try to cut it back each year and dig up stray bits.  It does have a pretty little flower though.

garden a day 188

Yesterday I swept the front drive and weeded around the step and the house.  We have a paved drive, but weeds do tend to grow in between the bricks.  I’ll sprinkle some Pathclear down next week perhaps.  (I don’t really like using weedkiller, can’t be bothered to mix it all up etc and then clean out the watering can afterwardsSmile)


Then I went down the south facing border digging up any bits of the horrid bindweed!  It really is a nasty weed!  Any tiny little bit of the ugly white root grows again, and it is impossible to dig it all out.  Every year I vow to keep it at bay and every year it beats me!

garden a day 184

Finally, I weeded and raked the gravel path on the same side:

garden a day 186

Still got this at the back thoughSad smile:

garden a day 187

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Miriam said...

I love this post, you could be in my garden except mine is really dreadful. I have bindweed to end all bindweed problems, I have vinca but I like its blue flower which I photographed today and it does a good job where it is in my garden. Weeds or gravel? I cant remember which it supposed to be now? and bamboo! driving me nuts x