Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Saturday, Sunday, Monday gardening

Just because I havenb ‘t blogged, doesn’t mean I haven’t gardened!  I have been busy in the front garden.


Saturday was a very busy day (scrapbook crop in Brighton all day then dinner out in the evening), so I cleared out our old tumbledown shed:

garden a day 024

We painted it blue way back in the 1990s when it was very fashionable.  Remember Alan Titchmarsh in ‘Ground Force’?  Well, that’s where the inspiration comes from for our gravel patio and this blue and yellow shed!

garden a day 026

It is amazing that it is still standing as it is very rotten, the mice have made it their own!  The door is hanging on only by the top hinge, and has dropped this much:

garden a day 027



On Sunday I managed to persuade DH to finish the front hedge.  We’ve given it a very drastic trim!

garden a day 030

garden a day 029


I nannied around tidying up after him and filled 2 of these big builders sacks that DH likes to use for the dump, and concentrated again on these little beauties!

garden a day 033

Our front garden was very cleverly planted once!  There are some gorgeous conifers, like this one.  Sadly I don’t know their names, and they are all overgrown now.  This one is very badly misshapen.  Others are beginning to go brown or are splitting.

garden a day 036


On Monday I started by the front door and worked my way round the edge of the border.  garden a day 041

I am blighted by celendines in both front and back gardens.  But at this time of year, they turn up their little bright yellow faces, and have a wonderful reflective shininess!  So bright and cheerful.

garden a day 037

This big ungainly heather bush is at it’s best right now.  Again, it must have been planted a very long time ago.  But it brings a lovely splash of colour right now.

garden a day 038

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