Friday, 4 March 2011

Garden a Day 4

I swept more of the patio today.  All the pine needles from the tree rot down in the gaps in the paving stones and make ideal growing medium for weeds!  Maybe we’ll have the tree taken down when the garage extension is built, and it will open up the patio and let some light into the summerhouse as well as the greenhouse!  You can just glimpse my greenhouse to the right of this picture.  I have 2 compost bins tucked away in the gap between, although we constantly fill them up with vegetable peelings from the kitchen, I am not the best compost maker!

garden a day 022

This summerhouse is very old.  It actually sits on a mechanism that lets you turn it round!  But the tree is in the way and we’ve never even tried it.  I suspect it is very rusted up now.  Dad made new doors a few years ago, but I did notice just now as I was brushing the pine needles off that it is very rotten and woodwormy now.  We have sat in it with a cup of tea now and again.  Sadly, it is usually too full of garden ‘junk’ to get inside the doors!


Notice that Merlin is stealing into these shots!  He is always outside with me, a proper little companion!  In actual fact, he is very often in the way, or grabbing a stick from the rubbish heap and running off with it!  He thinks it’s great fun! 


garden a day 023

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