Wednesday, 9 March 2011

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It has been very cold but bright and sunny so far this month.  Lovely weather for gardening!  The ground is beginning to dry out too, just right for digging.  On Tuesday I finished off the edges of the lawn in the front garden.  I didn’t take a photo, because it will look better when the rubbish is removed and the lawn cut!


Here’s my lovely bunch of daffodils peeping over my laptop screen as I type.

garden a day 043

This morning (Wednesday) I have tended this corner of the back garden.  It is underneath the big cedar tree, and slopes down to the lawn.  It is actually quite full and I realised this morning how many different plants there are here!  Some of them are:

  • Black ophiopogen grass
  • vinca major (varigated)
  • centranthus (red valerian)
  • cyclamen
  • holly
  • allium
  • bluebell
  • daffodils
  • crocus
  • iris (miniature)
  • anenome blanda
  • columbines
  • hellebore foetidus
  • geraniums
  • scilla
  • muscari
  • Euonymus
  • Bay
  • pushkinia
  • lady’s mantle (don’t know the proper name!)
  • yellow grass
  • nerine
  • erigeron
  • Lysimachia (loosestrife)


Other not so welcome include:

  • bindweed
  • couch grass
  • ivy
  • celendines


Not bad for 1 little corner of my garden!

garden a day 046garden a day 048

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