Wednesday, 2 March 2011

March gardening

So what to do for my 1 a day challenge now that LOAD is over?  I’ve decided to garden every day!  March is a great time to start to tidy the garden, nothing is really growing yet, and the evenings are drawing out.  Hopefully it might get a bit warmer too!

So day 1 I decided to clear out my greenhouse:garden a day 001

Apart from last year’s summer pots, it becomes a dumping ground for old dog food bags!!  (I was going to use them for garden rubbish, but they’ve become rubbish themselves!)  Eventually I couldn’t get in there so even my green tub got dumped on top!

garden a day 002

So, half an hour later, all the rubbish has been cleared out, and the summer pots cut back and new compost sprinkled on top.  It’s looking much neater!

garden a day 003

Think my greenhouse glass could do with a clean!  It is not in a good position in my garden.  It is shaded by a huge cedar tree and only gets the sun directly for a couple of hours in late morning.

garden a day 004

Day 2 I decided to tidy up the pots on my patio:

garden a day 005

That’s the garage in the background.  We are currently trying to get planning permission to extend it further into the garden.  This bit of the patio is gravel over a plastic membrane.  It was put down a number of years ago now and is horrible!  The gravel is full of soil now and weeds love it!  It has been a bit of a nightmare to keep weed free, but with the garage extension, this bit will be redone YAY!

garden a day 008

I am much better than I used to be with pots!  I used to fill up this area with plants waiting to be planted, or plants I have split.  I decided a few years ago to keep less pots, as there was too much watering!

Here’s my best pot this spring!  Just waiting for the bulbs to come out in flower.

garden a day 011


Laurence said...

Well done on the greenhouse, Linda! I love those greenhouses that are so popular in England. I'm secretly hoping to have one myself some day... Laurence

Donna said...

I would give my eye tooth to have a little green house like that!!!

scrappysue said...

Fabulous work Linda! I hope you get planning permission to extend your garage. I have the same green tub; I use mine for laundry!