Thursday, 3 March 2011

Gardening day 3

I went down to the bottom of the garden today.  I wanted to work in the sun as although sunny, there is a nasty biting cold wind today.  At 2.30pm, this is the bit that’s in the sun.  The sun had moved by the time I took these pictures, about 1 hour later.  I did a bit of tidying and cutting down, clearing dead leaves from the yellow and green phormium, cutting back the ‘flower carpet’ rose (which always gets bindweed through itSad smile), and tidying up the agapanthus.

garden a day 013

Not sure whether you can tell from this picture, but the border slopes down to the grass.  It gets very muddy and sticky towards the bottom, and the soil falls down the border!  Consequently, there is usually no proper delineation between the border and the lawn.  So a job I should do every year is to cut the border using my half moon tool.   I have made a rather wiggly start!  I should get out there again when it’s a bit drier and straighten up my line.

garden a day 017

Spring is very definately on the way now, look at these gorgeous little crocuses!

garden a day 020garden a day 021


Chicken Licken said...

Looking lovely Linda. Want to come and do mine?

Donna said...

Oh the crocuses are so pretty!!

scrappysue said...

I love crocuses, and yours are such a pretty colour! Wonder if they would grow out here; doubtful.