Tuesday, 1 March 2011

LOAD211 finished!

woohoo!  I finished the LayOut A Day challenge for February 2011!

I feel really proud of myself for doing this every day.  I even managed to do a couple of simple pages on the days when I went to London last week (Wednseday and Saturday).

I feel I have learned several things:

  • no dithering, just stick it down!
  • I like a more simple style when I look at others
  • I love doing a LO a day!
  • doing it every day makes me try different things
  • I make a dreadful mess!
  • I don’t use up much stash (for example, the Brooklands one below is made from scraps in my scrap box!

Here’s the last few days

:LOAD 031LOAD 033LOAD 035LOAD 036LOAD 037LOAD 038


Donna said...

Good job!! I haven't scrapbook in forever, but I'm fixing to. I'm doing a book and a display for a young man at my church who is getting his Eagle Scout. Still waiting to get all his pictures I will only have two weeks to get it all done. I'll be keeping it simple for sure!

scrappysue said...

Linda, I LOVE your LO's, well done that is a huge achievement! I love the die cut paper in your south downs LO; I am totally going to scrap lift this (and most likely a few others too!).

Mini said...

Fab pages there, Linda.
Sue x