Monday, 14 March 2011

Back to gardening, Sunday and Monday

I like to plant a few potatoes in my greenhouse border.  This year I am planting Casablanca First Earlies.  I usuallyonly get enough potatoes for 1 maybe 2 meals!  Here they are chitting in a n egg box in my conservatory:

garden a day 072


And being planted in the greenhouse.  It is difficult to water them and to earth them up, which maybe why my yield is lo low!

garden a day 073

This morning was another lovely sunny day and quite warm in the sunshine.  So I decided to tackle this horrible back corner!  That rotten tree stump you can see was one of the ash trees, and appeared in last week’s photographs covered in ivy.  As I ripped off the ivy chunks of bark came away and it is really quite rotten now.   This back corner is full of Snowberry (Symphoricarpos), which grew abundantly under the ash trees, that’s how tough it is!  It’s hard to keep under control, so I’ve chopped it all down this morning.

garden a day 082

As I have mentioned before our lawn is sunken, with the borders sloping down from a path round the edge.  There are 2 sets of these ugly concrete steps at the front and back.  You can see the retaining wall here which has been broken in the past, probably by the trees.  I don’t think there’s much we can do about it without spending an awful lot of money!

garden a day 083

Finally, here are some little beauties found this morning:  Harbingers of spring indeed!

garden a day 076garden a day 079garden a day 081garden a day 084


Donna said...

I kind of like the steps they have character!!!

Chicken Licken said...

You polish that halo girl!. We never get many spuds either!

scrappysue said...

Such beautiful flowers Linda, you are rockin' the gardening!

Sarah said...

Love the double hellebore.
I like the steps, too. I think they would look great with pots of trailing things on them.